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The Blueprint Foundation

The BluPrint Foundation is a group of entrepreneurs that have assembled to enlighten the underinformed. The foundation uses a plethora of avenues such as credit repair clinics, business planning workshops, IT training, real estate investing, and much more to aid in uplifting the community. Sitting on the board of the foundation, there are five entrepreneurs trailblazing their designated fields: 


Our Founders


Herman Dolce

CEO, Bella Sloan Enterprises 
CEO, Olivia Monroe Enterprises

Herman Dolce is the Founder and CEO of Bella Sloan Enterprises and Olivia Monroe Enterprises. He specializes in teaching credit fundamentals and providing funding for new and veteran business owners. To date, Herman has provided hundreds of businesses with over 4 million dollars in business funding. The knowledge and resources Herman shares with his clients completely changes the trajectory and aids in their success. Herman brings his substantial platform to the board in hopes to cast a wider net to guide more entrepreneurs toward their goals.


Gregory Plaisir

CEO, SelfTech IT Solutions

Gregory Plaisir is the Founder and CEO of Self Tech IT Solutions. Gregory specialized IT training program has helped dozens of students enter the Information Technology field for a fraction of the cost of a 4 year degree. His passion for helping students enter the IT world in a less traditional route stemmed from him acknowledging the lack of available information to those at a disadvantage of opportunities. Now, he is leading the way in revolutionizing the disadvantaged narrative for our communities. 


Fitzgerald Coriolan

Co-Founder, ROQ Financial Group

Fitzgerald Coriolan is the final board member for the foundation. Fitzgerald is  Co-Founder and managing partner of Roq Financial Group. Previously, he was a licensed realtor successfully practicing in the state of Pennsylvania. He has educated many people on homeownership and helped them to become homeowners themselves.  Alongside Eric, Fitzgerald has provided investment training and step by step project management to novice real estate investors looking to create generational wealth. 

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Kevin Dolce

CEO, Nineteen90 Business Consulting
CEO, Nineteen90 Logistics

Kevin Dolce is the Founder and CEO of Nineteen90 Business Consulting & Nineteen90 Logistics. Often times,  people have good ideas, but do not understand how to fully monetize their efforts. Kevin consults with new entrepreneurs to go from idea to business owner in a world where there are no instructions on how to handle the road of entrepreneurship. With his prior experience from fortune 1000 companies and tech start-ups, Kevin provides his clients with LLC formations, business planning,strategy and operation, business forecasting and a host of strategic resources. 

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Eric Jean-Simon

Co-Founder, ROQ Financial Group

Eric Jean-Simon is Co-Founder and managing partner of Roq Financial Group. Eric provides new real estate investors with knowledge by affluently providing step by step project management for each client’s first investment property. His initiatives have helped rebuild communities while simultaneously assisting clients avoid making financial mistakes in the early stages of their investment career. With an extensive background in business development in real estate and healthcare operations, Eric has played a pivotal role in turning a multitude of startup companies, lucrative. 

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