Summit 2020


Your Blueprint To Generational Wealth

This one-day online summit will consist of 7 different speakers teaching imperative skills that you will be able to utilize the same day to get your business up and running.



9am - 3pm

Conference Speakers

Featured Industry Experts


Herman Dolce

CEO, Bella Sloan Enterprises 

CEO, Olivia Monroe Enterprises

Herman Dolce is the CEO and owner of Bella Sloan Enterprises & Olivia Monroe Enterprises. 


His companies not only help his clients repair their personal credit but also educates them on the topic. In addition, his company helps all companies with funding via business credit, business loans and business lines of credit. His company, Bella Sloan Enterprises has been in operation for over 14 years. Herman has turned his passion for helping others into a thriving business. Herman then shows companies how to utilize the newfound capital to invest in different industries. In 2019, Bells Sloan has serviced more than 1500 clients!


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Kierra Henderson

"The Trucking Guru"

CEO, TTG Logistics

Single mother of 3. No high school diploma. No GED took the transportation industry by storm. Securing contracts to 45% of the oil and gas industry’s supplying their transportation needs.

As the oldest of 8, she’s created financial freedom for herself and her family including retired her parents early by creating a family business that has ensured generational wealth. Owning her own fleet of trucks, dispatching, and a brokerage firm.

She now provides classes to teach how to become an independent dispatcher and a broker running your own brokerage firm. She also helps owner-operators learn how to secure their own contracts!

Her goal is to educate as many people as possible on the many ways to create generational wealth working in the transportation industry, which is worth $8.1 Trillion. 

Many are unaware of how life-changing investing in the trucking industry can be. Kierra has set a goal in 2020 to create 20 new millionaires.


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Kevin Dolce

CEO, Nineteen90 Business Consulting

CEO, Nineteen90 Logistics

Kevin Dolce is the CEO/ Founder of Nineteen90 Business Consulting & Nineteen90 Logistics, LLC. 


Kevin has over seven years of national and local new business, sales, start-up, mergers & acquisitions, and business strategy experience, working for fortune INC 500-5000 companies. Kevin started Nineteen90 Business Consulting in March of 2019 when he saw a niche in the industry with the new entrepreneurs.

"With the knowledge, I gained from my experience in corporate America with the corporate structure, I knew it was imperative to help new entrepreneurs set up, scale, and run operations correctly." Nineteen90 has helped businesses obtain over $2.9 Million dollars in funding through created business plans. 


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Gregory Plaisir

CEO, SelfTech IT Solutions

Gregory Plaisir is the CEO and owner of Self Tech IT Solutions LLC.


His company has helped transform the lives of many ordinary individuals by providing intense training courses that permit them access to the ever-growing IT field. In light of its rapid development, the company has expanded to include a staffing department that helps place his students and outside candidates in prospective jobs. In turn, Gregory Plaisir’s raw passion for the technological field continues to fuel his drive to shape upcoming cohorts of students that will inevitably help them achieve success beyond their imagination.


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Tarik McAllister


CEO, MM Investments 

CEO, MMI Builders

Tarik McAllister is the CEO of MM Investments & MMI Builders and an established business owner since 2014. His Investment Company acquires, fund and property management while his Construction company revitalizes distress properties that later become Luxury places for people to call home. Tarik’s other business ventures include Real Estate Investment Consulting, funding, and Airbnb hosting. With these strategies, he had built a Multi-Million dollar rental portfolio and owns and operates several BnB Units in multiple states. He’s a proud HBCU graduate of Virginia State University where he earned a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus in Education.


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Hiram Algarin

President, Latter Financial Group

Hiram is the president of Latter Financial Group and finds joy in providing others with knowledge about business strategy and helping them ensure their business’s success.


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Your Blueprint To Generational Wealth


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