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Our Tablet Program

Two Friends with a Tablet
Schoolboy Using Tablet

The Problem

The internet has become an essential part of nearly every American’s life. Essential services use them to connect to the community, students use them for entertainment and schools use them to teach. However, not everyone has access to the Internet due to limitations based on service availability or financial means.

Our Mission

The BluPrint Foundation has partnered with Moolah Mobile to solve the problem of mobile accessibility and wireless connectivity for under-represented/under-resourced communities by leveraging federal assistance programs to lower or eliminate the cost of devices for at-need individuals. Moolah Mobiles proprietary technologies allow batch enrollment for qualified organizations to federal assistance programs for qualified individuals in theses undeserved communities.

Who Qualifies

  • Students eligible for free lunch

  • Title 1 or charter schools K-12

  • Pell grant recipients at colleges nationwide

  • Section 8 housing recipients

  • Anyone on medicaid, medicare or social security

  • Patients in nursing homes or senior communities

  • Families who receive food stamps (SNAP)

  • Military communities & veterans

Working Together

Moolah Mobile has already established programs and partnerships with
some great leaders in our community and business.

Let's Talk About How To Partner On This Road Together

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